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Why Kegel Works

V-Kegel Balls Exercise Kit is unique because once inside, the balls inside bounces back and forth making your muscles contract allowing them to workout just from your movement.


First let's take a look at how kegel exercises alone work. They are exercises that target your pelvic muscles to make them strong. Those are the muscles that control everything down there. They keep the pee and poop in, make your vagina tighter and help your "grip during sex"s. The stronger your pelvic muscles are, the tighter you get down there.

hiw-img1 During kegels, you have to contract the right muscles to make sure that the exercises work and do not go to waste. Now the problem with this one is that sometimes, you might not be contracting the right muscles or you might be doing it wrong. That's where kegel weights come in to the rescue. Kegel Weights are small beads that are inserted into the Vagina to help you get tighter faster.

Kegel Weights are small beards that are inserted into the Vagina to help you get tighter faster

Kegel weights are small balls that are inserted directly into your vagina.
Now before you shove those weights in, make sure you use V-Kegel because they are very clean, hypoallergenic and uses 100% medical grade silicone to make sure that they are safe for you. They are very helpful in doing your exercises correctly and with less effort and concentration but will still give your faster results.

V-Kegel Exercise Kit is unique in that once inside, the kegel weights will bounce around, making your pelvic muscles involuntary contract and work out on their own.


V-Kegel Balls Exercise Kit

With V-Kegel Balls Exercise Kit just insert it and go about your day, your movements will cause the balls inside to bounce stimulating your muscles to flex and strengthen.


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